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heres my implimentation of the message generation it only prints in console and none of the html stuff is working yet i feel like i took to easy of a route however

Hey all!

My solution to this challenge was to make a quote generator that misattributes to the wrong person in the style of this meme

Here’s the GitHub link and it’d be great to hear what you think and if there’s any suggestions for extending or improving it.

Hi there! Here is my solution:

Hi guys,
I’m Shaad. Have just gotten started on my full-stack journey a while ago. I finished the “Mixed Messages” project and would really appreciate your feedback on it. Here’s a link to my github repo.

Also if anyone wants any help or assistance in the full stack path projects/assignments, I’d be happy to help

Hi everyone!
I’ve just finished this project and I will be really appreciate if you can take a look at my solution and leave your comments and advices.
How can I optimize my code?

P.S: I also added some DOM


Good luck to everyone and happy coding :wink:

Hey Guys,

i finished this project and have a question: i stored the needed value after every loop into a variable. In each variable i repeated the step for the random chosing. I tried to form a function for it, but it didn’t worked. Do you have a idea?

The Animal Spirit Finder:
Do you want to know what your animal spirit is and what it tells about you?
Take it easy with some humor and just try it :slight_smile: