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Just finished Mixed Messages project. This was a veeery nice one, hope you like mine! I created some motivational quotes so you can read them whenever you need some motivational speed :sunglasses:

Very original! Have you tried adding “required” in the first name and last name field?

Here is mine.
I created a random message with 3 children books.
[GitHub - GeniSoler/MixedMissage]

Thank you so much for your review!

And thanks for the ‘required’ hint, I missed that.

hey folks! just completed the mixed messages project. I created a fictional character/action/quote generator that produces a (potentially quite comical) sentence once run. Project itself was straightforward. Just had a hard time getting VSCode, Git and Github to all work harmoniously, had a hidden git repository somewhere on my mac that pretty much put all the files on my computer in the source control tab of VSCode. TEDIOUS! But we got there. Would love feedback and looking forward to look through all of yours.

Gonna add some HTML and CSS styling soon, to practice those skills as well.

Hi everyone! I am currently doing the fullstack program and doing what I can to learn to the best of my abilities. Of course there are a lot of things I struggle with, but I realized that is just part of learning. Anyways here is my take on this project! Chicken-Quality/chicken at main · HongKang91/Chicken-Quality · GitHub

Hi, guys!

I did a random message generator.

this is my repo: Mixed Messages

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Nicely JS script! Got almoast the same thing! Cheers from france.


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Hi to everyone. THis is my version of Mixed Messages project. Will appreciate any feedback!

Mixed messages project

This JavaScrip program will make foresight for your future.


  • One object
  • One function


  • Function will chose random parts of pharse and interpolate it together to make foresight.
  • Can be extended with additional phrases. Function is universal and not need any changes.

here is my Mixed Messages project https://github.com/barrettjason74/mixedmsgs/tree/master


This is my code to spit out a silly little fortune whenever you run the code. Very basic but didn’t take too long and wasn’t too difficult. It really helped me to try and map out what I wanted from the code before I started. That gave me the idea for the basic flow of my project and made it really easy to try and figure out all the steps I needed to complete the project. I also though up all the little sentence snip its ahead of time so I could just crank those out super fast instead of making them all up on the fly.The link to the project files on my github