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Just finished Mixed Messages project. This was a veeery nice one, hope you like mine! I created some motivational quotes so you can read them whenever you need some motivational speed :sunglasses:

Very original! Have you tried adding “required” in the first name and last name field?

Here is mine.
I created a random message with 3 children books.
[GitHub - GeniSoler/MixedMissage]

Thank you so much for your review!

And thanks for the ‘required’ hint, I missed that.

hey folks! just completed the mixed messages project. I created a fictional character/action/quote generator that produces a (potentially quite comical) sentence once run. Project itself was straightforward. Just had a hard time getting VSCode, Git and Github to all work harmoniously, had a hidden git repository somewhere on my mac that pretty much put all the files on my computer in the source control tab of VSCode. TEDIOUS! But we got there. Would love feedback and looking forward to look through all of yours.

Gonna add some HTML and CSS styling soon, to practice those skills as well.

Hi everyone! I am currently doing the fullstack program and doing what I can to learn to the best of my abilities. Of course there are a lot of things I struggle with, but I realized that is just part of learning. Anyways here is my take on this project! Chicken-Quality/chicken at main · HongKang91/Chicken-Quality · GitHub

Hi, guys!

I did a random message generator.

this is my repo: Mixed Messages

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Nicely JS script! Got almoast the same thing! Cheers from france.


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Hi to everyone. THis is my version of Mixed Messages project. Will appreciate any feedback!

Mixed messages project

This JavaScrip program will make foresight for your future.


  • One object
  • One function


  • Function will chose random parts of pharse and interpolate it together to make foresight.
  • Can be extended with additional phrases. Function is universal and not need any changes.

here is my Mixed Messages project https://github.com/barrettjason74/mixedmsgs/tree/master


This is my code to spit out a silly little fortune whenever you run the code. Very basic but didn’t take too long and wasn’t too difficult. It really helped me to try and map out what I wanted from the code before I started. That gave me the idea for the basic flow of my project and made it really easy to try and figure out all the steps I needed to complete the project. I also though up all the little sentence snip its ahead of time so I could just crank those out super fast instead of making them all up on the fly.The link to the project files on my github

Hi, all. This is my first attempt at the mixed messages project. Just a basic script that pits to characters against each other with some fighting words thrown in. Finding an idea was the hardest part.

Would like to embed it into a web page as soon as I learn how.

mixed messages


Hi all,

For my mixed messages project I went with a program that generates a random Simpsons character and then generates a random quote from that character.

I stored the data in an object the key being the character and the value an array of quotes.

all in all this project took me about 2 hours to finish. I really enjoyed it and within the next week i aim to get it up onto a website but for now its just a script!

Hey guys, this was so easy for me to build, took me less than a week to complete.
Below is the link to my project, feel free to review it: GitHub - aladesaye/mixed-messages

I love this! It’s an ever rarer treat for me to meet a fellow Simpsons fans these days. Let me know when the website is up!

Hey guys,
here is my mixed messages project, I´d really like to have feedback, I’m not sure if I´ve done it in the right way.
all feedback is welcome.

Hi all,


For the mixed messages project i was struggling to choose a topic so i decided for a very simple approach .

I stored the data in an object the keys are the skill level, the programming language, an the city where the developer is located.

i made a lot of spelling mistakes in my comments and ended up having to amend my commit multiple time (at least i got to practice that part. lol)

This was a fun little project. Decided to do the game of Mash. The program will generate a random set of options for the three categories and then it will select one of those available options.

// MASH Game // House const houses = ["Mansion", "Apartment", "Shack", "House"]; // Vehicles const vehicles = [ "Car", "Semi-Truck", "Golf Car", "Bus", "Tractor", "Sports Car", "Motorcycle", "Scooter", "Unicycle", "Bicycle", "Tricycle", "Kick Scooter", "Land Yacht", "Tank", "Tram", "Hoverboard", "Snowmobile", "Van", "Wagon", "Train", "Campervan", "Rickshaw", "Ship", "Boat", "Canoe", "Kayak", "Yacht", "Submarine", "Airplane", "Helicopter", "Hang Glider", "Balloon", "Jetpack", ]; // Careers const careers = [ "Talent Delivery Specialist", "Snake Milker", "Chick Sexer", "Lab Rat", "Media Distribution Officer", "Animal Colourist", "Hair Boiler", "Digital Overlord", "Reindeer Walker", "Retail Jedi", "Slaughterer", "Wizard of Light Bulb Moments", "Direct Mail Demi-God", "Wet Leisure Attendant", "Grand Master of Underlings", "Twisted Brother", "Under Secretary to the Sub-Committee", "Ghost Hunter", "Master Handshaker", "Great Service Agent", "Education Centre Nourishment Consultants", "Chief Everything Officer", "Communications Ambassador", "Colour Distribution Technician", "Zombie", "Happiness Advocate", "Bride Kidnapping Expert", "Legal Bank Robber", "Second Tier Totalist", "Teddy Bear Surgeon", "Creator of Happiness", "Change Magician", "Champagne Tester", "Water Slide Tester", "Rollercoaster Tester", "Digital Dynamo", "Dream Alchemist", "Scrum Master", "Paradise Island Caretaker", "Ice Rink Hand-Holder", "Professional Sleeper", "Marketing Rock Star", "Head of Potatoes", "Senior Kindle Evangelist", "Brand Evangelist", "Tree Decorator", "Warden of the Swans", "Marker of the Swans", "Chief Inspiration Officer", "Chocolate Taster", "Associate to the Exec Manager of Marketeering & Conservation Efforts", "Pneumatic Device and Machine Optimizer", "International & World-Wide Optical & Vision-Focused Tenured Professorship", "Beverage Dissemination Officer", "Hyphenated-Specialist", "Digital Prophet", "Director of Making People Happy and Content", "Actions and Repercussions Adviser", "Galactic Viceroy of Research Excellence", "Space Travel Agent", "Patron Saint of Academic Studying", "Cheese Sprayer", "Chief Biscuit Dunker", "Teen Exorcist", "The Finish Line", "Chief Troublemaker", "Chief Chatter", "Bear Biologist and Paper Folder", "Problem Wrangler", "Pornography Historian", "Creativity Analyst", "In-house Philosopher", "Crayon Evangelist", "Genius", "Hacker", "Fake mourner", "Waking Night Support Worker", "Accounting Ninja", "Sales Ninja", "Sales Superhero", "Catalyst", "Conversation Architect", "Director of Fun", "Cat Behaviour Consultant", "Pet Food Taster", "New Media Guru", "Initiative Officer", "Social Media Trailblazer", "Corporate Magician", "Conversation Architect", "Oyster Floater", "Toilet Sniffer", "Night Stalker", "Computer Programmer", "Hairapist", "Professional Snuggler", "Professional Liar", "Face Feeler", "Bike Fishermen", "Airport Scarecrow", ]; // Locations const locations = [ "1770, Queensland, Australia", "Apocalypse Peaks, Antarctica", "Bacon, Indiana, USA", "Bat Cave, North Carolina, USA", "Batman, Turkey", "Bear, Delaware, USA", "Beaver Dam, New Brunswick, Canada", "Bee Lick, Kentucky, USA", "Beer Bottle Crossing, Idaho, USA", "Berry Head,", "Best, Texas, USA", "Bigfoot, Texas, USA", "Big Rock Candy Mountain, Vermont, USA", "Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania, USA", "Blowhard, Victoria, Australia", "Boring, Oregon, USA", "Bowlegs, Oklahoma, USA", "Brainy Borough, New Jersey, USA", "Bugscuffle, Tennessee, USA", "Bulls, New Zealand", "Burning Well, Pennsylvania, USA", "Buttermilk, Kansas, USA", "Cando, North Dakota, USA", "Carefree, Arizona, USA", "Celebration, Florida, USA", "Cheesequake, New Jersey, USA", "Chicken, Alaska, USA", "Christmas Pie, Surrey, England", "Come By Chance, New South Wales, Australia", "Condom, France", "Dead Chinaman, Gulf, Papua New Guinea", "Dinkytown, Minnesota, USA", "Dinosaur, Colorado, USA", "Disappointment Island, Auckland Islands, New Zealand", "DISH, Texas, USA", "Dog Walk, Kentucky, USA", "Dollarbeg, Scotland", "Dull, Scotland", "Eek, Alaska, USA", "Embarrass, Minnesota, USA", "Fart, Turkey", "Feltwell, Norfolk, England", "Fleatown, Ohio, USA", "French Lick, Indiana, USA", "Friendly, West Virginia, USA", "George, Washington, USA", "Gogogogo, Madagascar", "Goose Pimple Junction, Virginia, USA", "Gravesend, England", "Greasy, Oklahoma, USA", "Gripe, Arizona, USA", "Ham Lake, Minnesota, USA", "Happy Adventure, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada", "Happyland, Connecticut, USA", "Hazard, Kentucky, USA", "■■■■, Michigan, USA", "Hooker, Oklahoma, USA", "Horseheads, New York, USA", "Humpty Doo, Northern Territory, Australia", "Hungry Horse, Montana, USA", "Hygiene, Colorado, USA", "Innaloo, Western Australia", "Kill, Ireland", "Kissing, Bavaria, Germany", "Left Hand, West Virginia, USA", "Lick Fork, Virginia, USA", "Looneyville, Texas, USA", "Lost, Scotland", "Magic City, Idaho, USA", "Monkey's Eyebrow, Kentucky, USA", "Moosejaw, Saskatchewan, Canada", "My Large Intestine, Texas, USA", "Needmore, Texas, USA", "No Name, Colorado, USA", "Normal, Illinois, USA", "North Pole, Alaska, USA", "Nowhere Else, Tasmania, Australia", "Oatmeal, Texas, USA", "Odd, West Virginia, USA", "Ogre, Latvia", "Okay, Oklahoma, USA", "Oniontown, Pennsylvania, USA", "Parrot, Kentucky, USA", "Peculiar, Missouri, USA", "Picnic, Florida, USA", "Pie Town, New Mexico, USA", "Plain City, Utah, USA", "Possum Trot, Kentucky, USA", "Presidente Prudente, Sao Paulo, Brazil", "Punkeydoodles Corners, Ontario, Canada", "Rabbit Shuffle, North Carolina, USA", "Sandwich, Kent, England", "Sexi, Santa Cruz, Peru", "Shoulderblade, Kentucky, USA", "Smileyberg, Kansas, USA", "Sod, West Virginia, USA", "Spuds, Florida, USA", "Squirrel Hill, Pennsylvania, USA", "Stiffknee Knob, North Carolina, USA", "Success, Missouri, USA", "Sugar City, Idaho, USA", "Sweet Lips, Tennessee, USA", "Tea, South Dakota, USA", "Toad Suck, Arkansas, USA", "Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico, USA", "Turkey Scratch, Arkansas, USA", "Two Egg, Florida, USA", "Ugley, Essex, England", "Upperthong, West Yorkshire, England", "Useless Loop, Western Australia, Australia", "Utopia, Florida, USA", "Viper, Kentucky, USA", "Vulcan, Alberta, Canada", "Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia", "Waikikamukau, New Zealand", "Westward Ho!, United Kingdom", "Why, Arizona, USA", "Whynot, North Carolina, USA", "Yum Yum, Tennessee, USA", "Zig Zag, Oregon, USA", ]; const randomInt = (number) => Math.floor(Math.random() * number); // Leveraging Hoisting to allow variables to be declared below and used above to clean up the working code area. const getRandomNumberOfItems = (elemArray, number = 4) => { let randomItems = []; for (let index = 0; index < number; index++) { randomItems.push(elemArray.splice(randomInt(elemArray.length), 1)); } return randomItems.flat(); }; const printItems = (array) => { array.forEach((element, index) => { console.log(`Option ${index + 1}: ${element}`); }); }; const careerChoices = getRandomNumberOfItems(careers); const locationChoices = getRandomNumberOfItems(locations); const vehicleChoices = getRandomNumberOfItems(vehicles); const gameTable = { Housing: houses, Location: locationChoices, Vehicle: vehicleChoices, Careers: careerChoices, }; // Function const createColorBox = (backgroundColor = "orange", fontColor = "white") => { return `background-color: ${backgroundColor}; color: ${fontColor}; padding: 0.3rem; 1.5rem; font-weight: bold; font-size: 1.4em; line-height: 1.4em;`; }; console.log("%cLet's Play M.A.S.H.!", "color: green"); console.log("Here are your options..."); console.table(gameTable); console.log( `%cYou will live in a %c ${getRandomNumberOfItems( houses, 1 )} %c somewhere in %c ${getRandomNumberOfItems( locationChoices, 1 )} %c. You will use your %c ${getRandomNumberOfItems( vehicleChoices, 1 )} %c to get to your job as a %c ${getRandomNumberOfItems( careerChoices, 1 )} %c!`, "color: red", createColorBox("purple"), "color: red", createColorBox("darkblue"), "color: red", createColorBox("hotpink", "black"), "color: red", createColorBox("cyan", "black"), "color: red" );

Hi there,
this is the link to my repo: MyProject

At first it was quite difficult but after I go back to the object-lesson it was a bit easier for me. It is in german so maybe it is a bit difficult to read. At first it chooses a greeting depending on the current time of the day. After that a random name is chosen and give back a quote. For example

Guten Morgen. Ich bin Jana. Hier ist das Zitat des Tages: Denke nicht so oft an das, was dir fehlt, sondern an das was du hast. - Marc Aurel. (Good Morning. I am Jana. Here is the quote of the day…)

Hello Everyone!

Here is my completed project if you would like to check it out: