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Hello can someone help me get started? its supposed to be a group project?

Hi everyone, I’ve just finished the Mixed Messages project. I tried to keep it simple and meet the project’s objectives. Cheers.

Hello everyone,
This is my first project.
it’s a inspirational messages generator. It was fun to make, i learned new things and consolidated what i already knew. Tt took me a few days to complete. What was hard for me was to create a working button, that generated a new message at each click. I couldn’t seem to make it work. Now it’s done thanks to @reginag.nascimento. I looked at how you did it, it helped me find a solution.
Any feedback would be highly appreciated.

repo: https://github.com/Samar-al/Mixed-messages.git
site : Inspirational Messages

happy coding!

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Hey Samar,

Amazing job with this project, fist time I posted mine the js.file was a mess,but yours it’s clean and short,nice work.

Keep going and Happy Coding! :smile:

thank you :slight_smile:
that’s really nice of you to say

I’ve just finished my Mixed Message project! I did it as a football predictor this way now you can know which is going to be the result of the upcoming games … maybe :wink:

In the future I would like to expand this project once I know more about html and css, but for now here is the code for the project, if you have any feedback that would be great!

Mixed Messages - Football Oracle

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Hello everyone!
I have made a “knock knock joke” generator with no sense of humor.
Here is the link to my project.

For me the hardest part was setting up GitBash with GitHub xD.

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This is my finished project. Am I missing something about this project? It was extremely simple to complete and much easier than some of the previous projects yet it’s considered a portfolio project and I am wondering if I misunderstood and completed it wrong.

completed project

You got the basic purpose of the project down. It doesn’t necessarily have to be one of the TOP portfolio projects, but you could have it there like a timeline of your progress as developer. Mine is pretty similar.

my Project

I also understand your concern about it being a portfolio project, I do believe you’ll have several other projects that Codecademy has you go through to add to your portfolio. I would consider this project more along the lines of practice.

Hi all,

Wanted to share what I did with the “mixed messages” project. I’ve made a random quiz question generator (based on user input and connected to a free JSON API). I decided to embed the JavaScript into an HTML doc, since I felt like experimenting a bit with how to work with the output in HTML/CSS.

Any feedback is very much appreciated!

Here’s my code: GitHub.
And here’s my page: GitHub Pages.

P.S. Those who feel like cheating may want to take a closer look at the session variables using the DevTools console…

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Hello All,

Just complete the mixed messages project would love any feedback on what i have created. I just made a simple Fortune Teller .

Help everyone,
here is my project- GitHub - mamush-m/Mixed-Messages

This is my Mixed Messages project made very simple! Feel free to comment.

here’s my project :slight_smile:

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Hello Everyone!

This project was fun. Didn’t take too long, but definitely had to go to Dr. Google for a little help.
Here is my repo.

Hi guys,
Here’s the link to my repo: GitHub - ernest-lamptey/mixed-messages
It wasn’t too difficult. Took me a little while though to do the extra additions. I had to go back to CSS because I wanted a little webpage that would automatically display the message at the click of a button.
I would appreciate any feedback on the structure of my .js files.

Below is my project Github link. It looked very difficult, but with the example on Codecademy I was able to come up with something simple. This Backend Career Path is interesting.

hello all, just finished my first version of mixed messages. I m sending a random quote each time user clicks a button

anyone can check and give me feed backs, see you all have a nice weekend


This is my random message generator app:

Some feedback would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

HI Folks,

Based in suburban NY, I’m 25% along on the Full Stack Path, having started in February.
In a former life, I wrote COBOL code for IBM mainframes, now trying to return to pro coding after a long break.
The JS code took 2 hours or so, then spent some time becoming acquainted with GIT/GITHUB.
Here’s my repo: