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Hi there, the link to my repo is here Mixed Messages repo and is open to collaboration from others. Reply with your github username and ill add you as a collaborator.

Initially I found this difficult. I am okay with the basic concepts of JavaScript. ie. loops, objects, arrays, methods etc. However after reviewing the example from codecademy, I am lacking in creativity.

Also, I found it hard to get somebody to collaborate with me, so I ended up doing this solo.

Excellent implementation! I think codecademy need to review the formatting of Codebytes though. It’s a little hard to navigate the code.

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Nice work on this, and thanks for sharing. Definitely good for a laugh to see your prediction

Just a question: I’m curious why you didn’t use quotes [declared on line 20] rather than repeating your random generated quote (i.e. using ${quotes3[randomNo(quotes3)} ) when logging your result in the if/if-else/else statement.

I was able to do this relatively quickly with my own understanding of the project, but in reviewing the code, noticed I may have misunderstood the tasks a bit. So, I tried re-producing the code using arrays as a 2nd version, which I found tricky to wrap my head around, but eventually got there.

Thank you, i used VS code but for some reason the vertical guidelines are still there when i copied the code. May be that is why they are a little hard to read.

Thank you for your feedback :smiley:
When I did the if/else statement first I was doing like this:

if (quotes1[randomNo(quotes1)] > 28 && quotes2[randomNo(quotes2)] === ‘February’) {
console.log(On ${quotes1[randomNo(quotes1)]} of ${quotes2[randomNo(quotes2)]} ${year} you will ${quotes3[randomNo(quotes3)]}.)

So I realized that the condition inside the if (quotes1[randomNo(quotes1)] > 28) was generating a random number and if the condition was true the console.log(`On ${quotes1[randomNo(quotes1)]} was generating another number, and that was not good, because I needed the same number that was compared inside the if statement.
After I decided to store them into a variable to have the same value for the if condition and the console.log.
But the ${quotes3[randomNo(quotes3)} was not inside the if condition, and didn’t need to use the variable that was stored in, that’s why I didn’t used it.
I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. :sweat_smile:

Hi! The name’s Camille

Here’s my entry for the mixed message project:

The experience was generally fun. I created just a positive vibes fortune cookie program. It was overall fun problem solving. I ended up writing short concise code that’s content wise expandable. Took about 1 hour.

Added in some HTML so if you download it and refresh the browser it should change! Have fun!`

Appreciate any suggestions for improvements or if there’s any concerns!