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Hi everyone,
Here is my project. It was a bit challenging to come up with this but going through some projects here, I did it. I’m really excited.
What do you think about this guys!

Mixed Messages Project

Hello everyone!
Here is my project
I found this project to be really fun and challenging but I am thankful for the many resources given to us.
Please review my code and provide feedback. If you are looking for code review, please reply to this post so we can work together with reviewing each others code.

Thank you!

It’s done really well. Good job.

Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate.

Hello, friends. I completed my mixed messages project.
It was fun, much simpler than what I first thought, but I got stuck for a few hours with un undefined variable that I was not finding at first and rendered the whole code useless.
What I am not able to use well yet is the debugging tool of Visual Studio Code. For some reason the tool does not work in my system as it works in many tutorials I have seen.
Here is the code:

Have fun!

hello, friend. I do not know if it is just me,but the interactive website link was not working. It will be nice to look at it.
Have a great day!

It did work for me! :wink: You’ve done a great job!

Hello lovely people!

I just finished this challenge so I’m sharing my repo with you. I was finding hard to imagine messages so I came up with the idea of putting pirate names instead, of course, while respecting the whole concept of the exercise.

Here is the link GitHub - victoria-parker/name-generator-program

Feedback is always welcome!


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Hey guys,

Here’s my solution for the Mixed Messages project: GitHub - Sumaine210/Mixed-Messages
It creates a greeting from a list of possible components and joins them together in one complete message.
Tried to keep it simple and clean.

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Hello everyone,

Here is my shot at the Mixed messages project. I did an 80s action hero name generator. I’m not sure if it works.

Hey everyonoe!

This is the Mixed Messages project. It’s a bit short, but it gets the job done. I’m currently in college having my final exam and this is the only thing I came up with. I’m open to suggestions so let me know!

Link to my git repository: GitHub - AradhanaIndraD/Price-Winner-Generator

It has been fun learning with Codecademy since I get the chance to actually practice the things I learned!
Good luck to everyone who’s still working on their Back-End / Full Stack Engineer Path! I wish you all the best.

Hello everyone!
Here’s my project. I would like to get your feedback. Please help me to learn more by giving your invaluable ideas :pray:

was going to collaborate but didnt really get much of a chance with this program!
just a quick js script that outputs a console log

any thoughts?

Hello Everyone,
Here is my link : GitHub - a-dabrowski26/mixedMessages

Let me know what you think thanks

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I found this easy but I did keep it very simple, I may come back to this tomorrow and challenge myself further.

I also feel like I can make the code smaller, if anyone has any advice on this!

Pretty nervous sharing my work as I’m still very new and 10% into the course!

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Took a few tries, the first iteration took about 15-30mins but there was a lot of repetitions of code within the main function to select the random elements from each object, so I went back to refactor it and get it right\simplify the code, it took a while (I kept on trying to address an Object as though it was an array causing all sorts of headaches :smiley: but lots of learning so all good :smiley: )

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I like that you used an object to store the data where most have used arrays! Made me think about how I can store data!

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Cheers @stooob I did start with 3 arrays but thought to combine them for interest, also meaning it would be easier to extend in future e.g. adding GET\SET against the object for updating the quotes if needed.
I won’t lie though it had me stumped for quite a while to get it to work as I wanted (I need to remember that I can’t access an object like an array :smiley: ), every problem is an opportunity to learn though :slight_smile:
I’m hoping it will get easier as it starts to all make sense :slight_smile:

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Hi Guys, i wrote a random movie quote generator for my mixed messages project, i wil appreciate any feedback you can give

const movies = [ { Name: 'V for Vendetta', Year: 2005, randomQuote: 'Who is but the form following the function of what and what i am is a man in a mask' }, { Name: 'Batman Begins', Year: 2005, randomQuote: 'It isn\'t who i am underneath but what i do that defines me' }, { Name: 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two', Year: 2011, randomQuote: 'The boy who lived come to die' }, { Name: 'Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume Two', Year: 2017, randomQuote: 'He may have been your Father,boy, but he wasn\'t your daddy' }, { Name: 'Fight Club', Year: 1999, randomQuote: 'The lower you fall, The higher you fly' }, { Name: 'Tropic Thunder', Year: 2008, randomQuote: 'I know who i am. I am the dude playing a dude disguised as another dude' }, { Name: 'Troy', Year: 2004, randomQuote: 'There are no pacts between lions and men' } ]; const randomQ = () => { let randomNumber = Math.floor(Math.random() * 7); console.log(`"${movies[randomNumber].randomQuote}" - ${movies[randomNumber].Name} (${movies[randomNumber].Year})`) } randomQ()

Hi everyone,
This is my Mixed Messages project. :smiley: Feel free to leave any suggestions.
Thank you!