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Hi, everyone!
Here is my mixed messages project: GitHub - ruzannastubbs/Mixed-Message
Initially, I wanted to complete the project by using an object instead of multiple arrays, but I got lost while trying :slight_smile:
I’d greatly appreciate your feedback.

I just began this project and am overwhelmed, I don’t know where to start. I’ve completed JS I & II, and github modules but I’m still lost. Can someone point me into the right direction for more guidance on how to complete these projects.

Hello everyone, this is my repository of the random messages project, I would appreciate your comments on it, to be able to improve in the next projects with your comments. Thank you.https://github.com/Manuel-condori/randomMessage

Hi all. I’m new to JavaScript and this is my very first project. This is simple script that creates random messages and convert some text to ascii drawing.

Mixed Inspirations :slight_smile:

Every feedback is important :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Thanks in advance

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I just finished my mixed message generator. I was lost at first by thinking of an overly complicated solution but after simplifying my solution, I found it easier to complete. I welcome any feedback that can help me improve my code. Thanks! I call it a Love Message Generator https://github.com/mikejm15/Sample-Projects/tree/master/mixed-messages


This is my version of Mixed Messages.
I tried to keep it simple and I used nested arrays as components to create the message.
The message is made by GLaDOS, a fictional artificially superintelligent computer system :wink:
I hope you will enjoy it !