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It took me a few hours to finish this project bc I am very perfectionist but finally I had to decide not to opt for some features and the result is not so bad.

Here’s the link of my repository.
And if you want to see the final result: Meal Generator

This was a fun project. Much easier than I expected because of the idea I had, I may come back in the future and work on this more. Find out how your day is going to be.
odb2001/Message-Generator (github.com)

Hi all, here is my solution for ‘Mixed messages’ project: GitHub - AstaRem/writer-prompt-generator.
I did it in simple way, rather than creating objects. Too simple? it took mush longer to write README file and to practise working with git and GitHub :slight_smile:
Any feedback is welcome :slight_smile:

My Mixed Messages project

I had a great time with this project. Working around functions and facing some bugs when I attempted linking the JavaScript file to a text file so that some the messages would be randomly picked from within a text file. Happy Coding to everyone.

Mixed Messages Project

Hello everybody!

This is my version of “Mixed Messages” Portfolio Project: GitHub - panagiotisk17/mixed_messages

It took me some time to come up with an idea but i managed to complete it.

Any feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Happy coding! :sunglasses: :computer:

Hello everyone, :smiley:

I am a beginner, I give you the link of my project with is a little bit simple but run efficiently.

First, I created an object, then just console.log with string interpolation.

Good luck for this project ! :crossed_fingers:

My little project Mixed Messages