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Hey coders,

The link of my repo: https://github.com/adallaureano/message-generator :slight_smile:
I follow the guideline, and wasnt hard, but I had to go back to the previous class in order to complete this one.

:fist: :facepunch:

Hey y’all,
I may have missed something with this one because I think I probably did it ‘the easy way’ rather than creating objects and such. To be fair, this took me very little time and I was kind of thinking ‘…is that it?’ after finishing it because it’s the first Portfolio Project in the Full-Stack Path. Anyway, it works and creates an actual sentence that is pretty randomised, so I think I fulfilled the brief even if I might have done it a bit simply…! I tried to make it funny so it’s a bit NSFW possibly (just text, don’t worry).

Hello everyone,
Here is my project, which at first seemed quite difficult, but based on the codecademy example and thinking a bit, it became easier, it only took about two hours.
Excited for everything I am learning.

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Hi guys. This is my own message generator essay. Good luck everyone.

Hey guys,
This is the link to my first project : https://github.com/gergelq/first-project
i did a webpage with buttons that output a joke when clicked , and another button that generates a random emoji everytime when clicked.

great job I like the readme file very descriptive and by the way thanks for metioning my favorite soccer player. :grin:

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I think it’s better to have separate function for every task (single responsibility principle). By the way nice messages.

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Hey everybody,
Here is my mix messages project let me know what you guys think

Hi coders!
I just started the full-stack course a few days ago and now I just finished doing this project! I learned a lot and excited to learn even more. Here’s the link to my repository if you guys interested to check it out: https://github.com/amirfakhrullah/Mixed-Messages-Project . If you do so, give me some feedback so that I can improve :slight_smile:

Beginner Coder

Happy to share :smiley: I made 2 different versions (simple and cohesive messages). Hope you enjoy!

Hey guys!!

Let me know what you think!

Here’s the link to the project on my GitHub!

Good job, thanks for your comments.

Hi guys, this is my simple version of the Mixed Messages project:
Good luck everyone!

I completed the Mixed Messages project and it worked! In fact, relative to some of the other tasks in the Full-Stack path leading up to this, it seemed easy, which makes me wonder if I actually did it right! Any thoughts or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi :slight_smile:,
I just finished this Portfolio Project, I first did it without object and then I tried to regroup in an object.
I would appreciate if you have feedbacks on this :slight_smile:.

I’m looking for “best practices or good habits” to improve my skills.
Thank you and have a nice day!!!


I tried your project, and I can tell you put more creative sentences than me haha. To improve this, I think you can regroup all your random variables. You could create a function for managing the random part.
Also, you could put all of your arrays in an object so you can then make a for…in loop and your code will be more simple to read.
I think it’s a good habit to avoid repetition :slight_smile:.
And I don’t think there is one right way to do that, but you can always improve things to make it faster, optimised, easier to read, etc :slightly_smiling_face:
(sry for my english) Have a nice day ^^

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Thanks for your feedback!

My version

very simple - had no imagination to come up with fancy text - enjoy what others came up with though…

Hi there. I was a very fun experience and it only took 2 hours. Here’s the link to my completed project. https://github.com/WiseKun/Fortune-Teller