About the Portfolio Project: Life expectancy and GDP

Hi everyone, my name is Pablo and I’m seeking feedback about Life expectancy and GDP Project.
I made this project using pandas, matplotlib, numpy and seaborn.
The project took me about two days.
The scope of my project was the same questions I found on the Hint.

Please let me know how my code looks like and how I can inprove it.
Also, if there is a very interesting question I can add to the scope, let my know.
:point_down: This is the link of my code repo on Github:

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The link doesn’t work. It says Page Not Found.

Sorry I set it as private project, but now it works. Thanks for letting me know.

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Some suggestions:

  • When you generate every single one of your plots you repeat the code
 ax1 = sns.set_style('whitegrid')

If you dont assign it to a variable, and just execute


at the beginning before generating a single plot it will be applied to all plots generated.

  • You state

Notice that Zimbawe only increase its Life expectancy without increase its GDP

And you repeat this in the conclusion. Actually if you zoom in on Zimbabwe you can show that it’s Life Expectancy increases as GDP increases.

  • Regarding the last plot titled “Distribution of life expectancy by country | 2000-2015”, im not quite sure if adding the swarm plot on top of the box plot serves a purpose.