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That was a fun little project :smiley:

What do you think of my analysis? can it be improved? any feedback is welcome.

gdp project

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Hi, I just finished my Life expectancy and GDP project, I would appreciate your feedback. Here it is

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Hi guys!

Just finished my portfolio project, some feedback wold be nice :slight_smile:


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Hi everyone,

here is my life_expectancy_pp_project

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Hey guys! Here is my version of Life Expectancy and GDP project if you want to take a look. Any feedback is welcome!

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Here’s the link to my article:

It definetly was a fun project. I would be happy to recieve feedback :slight_smile:

Hi, here is the link to my Git repository for this project: https://github.com/aleks-andra-sasha/life_expectancy_and_GDP.git

My conclusions were:

  • There is a strong positive correlation between total GDP and life expectancy at birth for each of the 6 countries considered, assuming a linear relationship between the two features.
  • A clear positive trend in both, total GDP and average life expectancy at birth was observed for each country. Broadly speaking, the two trends appear to go hand in hand over the 15 year time scale. Over short time scales, this is not always the case, since during some years when GDP changed sharply, life expectancy at birth was either not affected or saw a change in the opposite direction to the GDP.
  • Looking at the average total GDP and average life expectancies at birth over the 15 years, it is apparent that the highest GDP does not correspond to the highest life expectancy at birth.
  • Overall, while a positive correlation is present, it is clear that GDP is not the direct factor that impacts average life expectancy at birth within a nation. It is possible that GDP affects some other factors, which in turn have a more direct impact on the life expectancy within a nation. For example, GDP might affect access to education and healthcare differently in different countries, or GDP may correlate with medical infrastructure and access to the latest medical innovations within a country, all of which play a vital role in determining whether someone lives or dies.

Would appreciate some feedback from anyone who is willing to share their thoughts :slight_smile:

I enjoyed the project. Gave me lots of ideas on how to develop the project further.


Hello everyone!
Here is my solution to the project Life Expectancy vs GDP.
The blog link is here.

And the solution here.

Any feedback will be highly appreciated.


This project mostly tripped me up when it came to some of the labeling. I was having problems finding a way to create a common xlabel and ylabel across my subplots, however eventually I managed to figure it out. I also enjoyed the different stories that the two graphs tell. I mention it in my project, however to put it briefly: the set of six graphs seems to have a heavy implication that GDP is directly connected Life Expectancy, however the single graphs muddles that idea a bit.

Any input is appreciated!

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I liked a lot the fact that you used maplotlib and some fors but also the fact that you included a hypothesis testing and some extra economical analisys

Wow, your project is extremely impressive! I feel that I learned so much by reading through your code, and I thank you for your detail. Specifically I appreciated all of the statistical significance tests that you ran, I personally have had a hard time understanding those topics and your full project helps me understand their place. I also thought your visualizations were executed in a very clean with. The way you execute the loops also influenced new ideas on how to be efficient.

I wish I had any critiques to give you, but I’m afraid I am not yet advanced enough to see what type of problems may be present in your code.

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Hey, thank you so much for your comment! I appreciate your feedback and glad it has served some purpose to you! :slight_smile:

Here is some feedback from me (thanks again for your feedback on mine):

  • I like your first graph, it’s easy to look at! Couple of points:

    1. Either remove the graph titles and keep the legend, or the other way around. They carry the same info
    2. Add some lines of best fit to each subplot (linear regression), and calculate Pearsons correlation coefficient. This would quantify the trends that we can see and indicate how strong they are for each country.
  • When I did my project initially, I also did a graph like this, with all the countries on one axis for life expectancy vs GDP. But then I removed it :slight_smile: the reason why is because the graph is not really telling you much, other than what you already know - that USA has a sky-rocketing GDP relative to other countries, and Zimbabwe and Chile are somewhere at the bottom, close to y = 0. But it’s very hard, if not impossible, to see any more information with this scale. Can you tell that Zimbabwe life expectancy is increasing or decreasing from this graph? Not really. Because the scale for it is wrong. So you have two options, either normalise the scales and plot them all on one graph, or you plot them on separate graphs, like you already did.

  • I’m not 100% on the actual code. I would say that it’s probably not necessary to create all those axis as you did. As you already saw from mine, I just create a figure and suplots or plot and there aren’t really a lot of lines of code for the plot itself (most of it is styling).

Anyhow, well done on this project! I think it’s a really good start

Thank you so much for the feedback! I am extremely grateful for all of your tips. As I mentioned before, you are a great resource for me, and I find the way you do projects to be highly professional.

I specifically think your proposed fix for normalizing the one graph would absolutely be something I would change if I were to go back and repeat this project.

Thanks again for everything!


It looks like you applied the Chi2 test to numerical variables at the bottom of this notebook.

The Chi2 test is to be used when comparing categorical variables, whereas GDP and life expectancy are numerical variables. Additionally, one of the assumptions of the Chi2 test is that each variable needs to be independent: “For example, a Chi-Square test would not be appropriate if one of the variables represents three different time points.” There are multiple year values for each country. Source: https://www.codecademy.com/paths/data-analyst/tracks/dscp-hypothesis-testing/modules/dacp-hypothesis-testing-testing-an-association/lessons/hypothesis-testing-associations/exercises/assumptions-of-a-chi-square-test

Personally, I was looking for a way to run a hypothesis test but got stumped while looking for the best way to go about finding an association between two numerical variables (GDP and Life Expectancy) aside from just correlation in this project. So if anybody has any ideas, I’m all ears.

I was looking for a way to run a hypothesis test but got stumped while looking for the best way to go about finding an association between two numerical variables (GDP and Life Expectancy) aside from just correlation in this project. So if anybody has any ideas, I’m all ears.

Thanks for looking!

Hello everyone! This is my life expectancy project, It was a fun project to work in, though it did take a few hours to finish, if you have any thoughts about my project, I would love to hear them

Hi everyone
My version of project GitHub - alexvaren/life_expectancy_gdp: codecademy project