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Hi everyone!

Hope you are well,

I want to share with you my Final PERN proyect, which is the implementation of a server with Authentication and Sessions, and a PostgreSQL database for my initial Reddit app.

Link to my proyect in GitHub: PERN app

if you want to take a look at the live version, you can find the link in the Setup section of the README.md file.

I would love to read some feedback.


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Hello everyone!

Just completed the final full-stack project. It’s a sports-scheduling platform. You can create sports facilities as a manager and invite members by email. As a member, you can book sports resources (such as tennis courts) via the platform. Each sports facility created gets it’s own landing-site with a unique URL.

It was pretty challenging and required a lot of going back and forth between front-end and back-end code. Took around 200 commits. Did around 35 back-end integration tests with Supertest and 12 front-end integration tests using mostly React Testing Library. Used RTK Query for managing API-related state which I think simplified the data fetching and Redux logic quite a bit so highly recommend that. For testing Redux - highly recommend using React-testing-library (CC has a course on it) and focusing on integration tests as is now recommended on the official Redux website: Writing Tests | Redux. Deployed with a Heroku “pipeline” so that I can have both a staging app and a production app based on the same code and any changes can be pushed to the staging app first.

Here is the link (repo is still private - for now):


Let me know if you have any questions, find some bugs or have feedback on it. Thanks!


Here is the associated repo to my full stack project if anyone is curious:
MatchTime GitHub repo
Appreciate any feedback!

Looking clean man, way to go!

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Hey :grinning:

This is my final full-stack project! I decided to do a Voting App. It allows Admin, Candidate and Voter users to login and provides different features for each. Admin users can set up Elections and add Candidates and Voters to them. Candidates can view Election and Voter data and create/edit their manifestos. Voters can view Election and Candidate data as well as place a vote.

I had to think a lot about the database setup and the API routes. I did some minor alterations during the build lsunch as making it so that Voters could be signed up for more than one election. I used RTK Query state management which, as mentioned above, made redux code a lot simpler. I’m really pleased with how it turned out, but obviously it can always be improved. I will be working on implementing account set up and vote confirmation emails which are currently only sent to my mailtrap account. I will also be working on tests for the app.

The live app can be accessed here https://jims-voting-app.netlify.app
Github repo link https://github.com/jamesHarradon/votingApp

Any questions or feedback would be greatly appreciated, cheers.


So I’ve decided to do a Planning App, which i called “Life Planner App”. This app is for planning your goals in the future, breaking down it to tasks and adding this tasks to complete on days, you can also add notes and comments, there’s some additional inspirational quotes. I’ve done translation with react-intl, because I want my Polish friends to use it.
There are 3 main pieces which are Goals, Tasks and Days - and they all interact with each other.
Only minus is that I’m not a pro with layouts, so I’ve used bootstrap and it’s not so beutiful, but I guess it’s ok.
Oh and also I’ve added react-persist for storing state.
I have some stuff that doesn’t work as nicely as I wanted, but I’m realy happy about the final outcome.
I’ve spent 2 weeks of everyday coding (1 - 8 hours)
I still plan to add more features, including Groups and whatever I’ll think of. I hope some people can use it to help with their planning :smiley:
Here is the link to live app: Life Planning App
Here is the link to repo: Github

Hi all,

For my Final PERN Project I made the Monster Hunter’s Guide. It renders a list of various supernatural monsters and their abilities, danger level, and type. Clicking on a card will send you to its page where you can see a short description and its various weaknesses that can assist in defeating it. It was a fun app to make, especially with my love of horror.

Monster Hunter’s Guide (Live Site) (Give it a little time to load. I’m still trying to implement a loading icon.)
Github Repository

very nice website…seems to be fully functional as much as i used it…everything seems to be working properly.

very good!! But the full potential is in create update delete operations. For example to register and login with credentials and add or modify monsters to a profile ???