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The Final Front-End Project

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  • Front-End Engineer Path

How to Get Feedback on your Project

Congratulations on finishing your portfolio project! Now you’ll want to follow these steps to get feedback on it.

  1. Post a link to your git repository :slight_smile:
  2. Give us a few sentences about your experience. Was this fun? Difficult? How long did it take?
  3. Check back in—if someone has replied to your post, come see what they have to say.

How to Give Feedback on Another Learner’s Project

Reviewing someone else’s code isn’t just a nice thing to do; it’s also a great opportunity to sharpen your skills by viewing a different perspective.

  1. Refer to the article in your Career Path on How to Review Someone Else’s Code
  2. Click through topics in this subcategory to view other submissions of this project.
  3. Reply to a thread with feedback, encouragement, or letting them know if they did something in a way you hadn’t thought of before!

Hi! I am currently doing the Front-end career path and I am curious about this final project. What is it about? does it has an specific topic like the portfolio or the Reddit projects?

Thank you! :smile:

Hey there, so I still have some work to do on this with respect to testing. But here’s the project I built for the final.
I’d love to get some feedback.

You can view the project live @:

The Repo:

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