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Feels like there was/is a significant step missing in this module?

  • Learn node/express as a standalone
  • Learn about SQL as a standalone
  • ???
  • OK now make a complete back end using express which links to SQL

you can look for a lot of info this web side, maybe it will be an example

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Groceries-Shopping API

Finally, the final project!

It is an API to shop groceries from planning a menu, creating or importing recipes from the web, exploding ingredients, making a shopping list and create different shopping list for selected markets regarding prices and quality.

Of course, is need to develop the front end to ensamble all together but, there is the API documentation with all endpoints required.


I have completed the final project!

I decided to build a backend for a trade tracking application. I have included swagger docs and it uses auth as well as a rate limiter.

After finishing the backend I decided to build out the frontend using React so that I could show the application (I am sure the React code is a MESS, but I used it as a learning experience). Both the frontend and backend are available on my github. I also deployed the app to Railway so that it can be interacted with.

Backend - GitHub - Jas667/trade_tracker_express_backend: Express backend (works with trade_tracker_frontend in my repositories) for a trade recorder/analyser. At present it works with TradeZero trade files

App deployed at - https://tradetrackerfrontend-production.up.railway.app/

Feel free to follow/interact with me on GitHub!!