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Hi there,

I just signed up for an account on your ecommerce website and I am very impressed with how professional it is. I was able to add items to my cart and update my customer profile successfully. I didn’t go through with the transaction, but I was impressed that your transaction page correctly identified that I had entered an invalid postcode.

Well done :slight_smile:

Hi Chris,

Thank you for the feedback, I’m glad you enjoyed my project. I used the Validator.js library on the back-end to make sure phone, postal code, birth date and e-mail inputs are valid. It offers extensive input validation and sanitization. By the way you could go through with the order, the payment information is only illustrative and the application is not integrated to a payment provider.

As for your project, I can see that you put your heart into it and I liked how much functionality you were able to implement, especially with the Stripe integration and wishlist. I’m sure you learned a lot and you should be proud of this achievement.


Hello everyone!
after few weeks I finally got the first complete “working” version of my fullstack e-commerce project…
There’s still lot of improvement to do: design, missing features, small bugs here and there… But I just tested and it works from registration to checkout and order history :slightly_smiling_face:

Would love it if some could review my code and give me some feedback. To know more in general way like structure, libraries, error handling logic and so on what could be improved before I move to the more details fixing part.

All feedbacks appreciated!

if you wanna test it locally you have to enter the following command in root in order to listen for stripe webhook to get payment confirmation:
stripe listen --forward-to localhost:5000/webhook/stripe

Wonder if someone might be able to help me with this issue. My project is just about done but I am unable to test if the features work when logged in.
The problem I found after many hours of trying, is that the cookie with the session is not being set in the browser. Even with the right settings, I found that the browsers I tried with (safari, chrome and Firefox) won’t set a cross site cookie unless the server uses HTTPS. (Front and Back running locally for development). I have also double checked that the session cookie is being sent by using Postman, and it all checks out. Ive tried just about everything to get the browser to store the cookie but haven’t had any luck.
Basically I am able to log in correctly using passport, the session is generated and sent to the browser in a cookie, but then if I use any protected routes I can’t because of the lack of a cookie in the browser.
How can I get around this problem? Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

Thank you!