About the Portfolio Project: E-Commerce Website category

Hi All,

Please find the links to my e-commerce backend here:
GitHub repo
Live server

Docs are at /docs (not all endpoints are up as I spent too much time on this already)

I must say this was the most challenging one so far and I had to use a lot of the logic found in the example project. I first had reservations about going by the example project but in the end I found that there were some useful solutions in it that I will be using in the future so I defo learnt a lot from it.

TBH, I was not entirely happy how this part of the full stack course was organized/produced. For example I don’t get why we are required to use libraries that we will only learn about later in the course. If the point is to make me do my own research then fine but then why would you make me read about them again later?
I also found that there were way too many external and substandard tutorials included some of which are so outdated that the code did not even work. As a result of that I again had to do my own research which rendered the previous tutorials pointless.

Btw, thanks to all of you who submitted their work, it helped a lot and without them I could not have pulled this off…

Good luck to everyone on finishing the full project.


Finally finished the e-commerce api project. I feel like the content of this course needs a refresh. There was nothing on request validation, user sessions, password encryption or actually interacting with the database using javascript. I have some previous programming experience but I’ve never written anything like this before, so I had to do a lot of my own research- I felt a bit unequipped going into this project

My solution is also written in Typescript. I have previous programming experience in C# so I actually felt more comfortable coding it this way as opposed to vanilla Javascript ( I made far less dumb mistakes too).

There are a couple things still left to do and some bits of code I’m not completely happy with, but I can come back and make small improvements as I finish off the rest of this course. I’d appreciate any feedback or suggestions.