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My attempt at the Dining Review API project

  • Controllers, Entities and Repositories implemented (Restaurant, User and DiningReview)
  • Basic Integration tests added (mvn verify to run)

Github repo - GitHub - brettjames250/dining-review

Struggling to implement the following requirements:

As part of the backend process that updates a restaurant’s set of scores, I want to fetch the set of all approved dining reviews belonging to this restaurant.

As an application experience, I want to fetch restaurants that match a given zip code and that also have at least one user-submitted score for a given allergy. I want to see them sorted in descending order.

Essentially I can’t work out how to store/update the restaurant entity when a new review is added?

Any help or feedback welcome :slight_smile:

Hi guys,
I’ve finished my Portfolio project. I’m still in the middle of the final task which is updating the scores of restaurants after the admin approves it. But anyway, it’s still decent in general.
Here is my Github link for the project: GitHub - Peonat2804/codecademy-dining at master
I would highly appreciate any feedback from you guys.
Have a good day.