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This is my data science final project. I used data from UCI machine learning on Kaggle to try and predict diabetes in Pima Indians. I found this challenging, but fun. Please let me know any comments.


Here’s my Data Science Final Project!

I used data from a brasil.io, which creates databases on Brazil’s national issues. I have analyzed how deputies spend and request for reimbursement.
It was super fun doing this project, the CSV file is hug, it was my first time dealing with such an amount of data. It ended up being quite time consuming, and not very predictive, I used two models, both performed quite poorly (53% accuracy vs 43% accuracy) but the RandomForestClassifier performed better than a DNN! I don’t know why, I’ll keep investigating but I thought that maybe publicizing it would be better. Hope my project is stimulating to everyone!

Please check my Data Scientist Final Portfolio Project:

It took 3 days to complete. Working on this project was fun but sometimes challenging. I am happy with the results because, as for my opinion, I have built a model that is able to give pretty accurate predictions.

Please, feel free to give me any critic or comments.