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Hello everyone! I did the Biodiversity in National Parks Project and would love some feedback
Here’s my project

Hello! My version of Biodiversity in National Parks Project:

Hello! My version of the project here:

Hello everyone, below is my blog post and notebook for the biodiversity project. Please take a look and leave feedback if you can.

Blog Post on Medium:

GitHub Repo:



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Hi, I’m finding this project kind of confusing. I managed to make some graphs using the data, but none of the patterns seem particularly meaningful. I looked over the suggested solution. I was a bit confused, as the author of the solution seemed to have information about the data that I couldn’t find anywhere in the assignment. I also wasn’t sure exactly what the relevance of the conclusions is supposed to be. I don’t really know anything about conservation, so I’m not sure what I should be looking for, or who my target audience is.

Hi derekcbaker,

I’ve been working in and around data for about 15 years, and I didn’t completely understand it either. For a portfolio project that was supposed to be testing (I thought) charting and statistics, I felt it didn’t really provide a strong opportunity for either. Like you, I didn’t find the solution very revealing or helpful and felt that the stats that were used seemed forced. I would encourage the CodeCademy staff to redefine this exercise for future students.

I honestly felt like the data set was manufactured.

Best of luck to you,

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Thanks. Nice to know it’s not just me.