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Hello everyone! I did the Biodiversity in National Parks Project and would love some feedback
Here’s my project

Hello! My version of Biodiversity in National Parks Project:


Hello! My version of the project here:

Hello everyone, below is my blog post and notebook for the biodiversity project. Please take a look and leave feedback if you can.

Blog Post on Medium:

GitHub Repo:



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Hi, I’m finding this project kind of confusing. I managed to make some graphs using the data, but none of the patterns seem particularly meaningful. I looked over the suggested solution. I was a bit confused, as the author of the solution seemed to have information about the data that I couldn’t find anywhere in the assignment. I also wasn’t sure exactly what the relevance of the conclusions is supposed to be. I don’t really know anything about conservation, so I’m not sure what I should be looking for, or who my target audience is.

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Hi derekcbaker,

I’ve been working in and around data for about 15 years, and I didn’t completely understand it either. For a portfolio project that was supposed to be testing (I thought) charting and statistics, I felt it didn’t really provide a strong opportunity for either. Like you, I didn’t find the solution very revealing or helpful and felt that the stats that were used seemed forced. I would encourage the CodeCademy staff to redefine this exercise for future students.

I honestly felt like the data set was manufactured.

Best of luck to you,


Thanks. Nice to know it’s not just me.

Very good analysis indeed. Great work! The graphs embrace a great number of information as u dus so much hue with sns in order to make things clear. Great Work!

Hello, this is my Biodiversity Project. Any feedback would be helpful, thanks. :grin:
Github: Biodiversity in national parks

Hello dear coders :slightly_smiling_face:

It has taken me such a long time to do this project. I guess I spent more time on writing the analysis comparing to the code… Though I still think there is a lot to improve when I view the “solution code” from Codecademy team. No matter it’s about the methodology used or the way how to make my analysis stand a point :see_no_evil:

I think to be a good Data Analyst did asking one to have insight on things. :relieved:

Oh… And, I’d like to share how my project is different from Codecademy’s. So, in theirs, there was a section that they analyzed the most-sighted species by common names. However, in mine, I decided to analyze by scientific names as I thought in this way it would focus more on specific species.

So, this is my project on Github. It’s a long one. Welcome to give me any review. I would be very grateful for that. And, in return, I’ll also giving my review to your project! Let’s help each other. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello, this is my take on the project : GitHub - Rafik-Sebia/Biodiversity_Project: Biodiversity Portfolio Project
any feedback would be welcome

I tried to use stacked bar charts but I had no idea how to do them, and I searched on google and it was just too hard for me to understand, I hope that I did a good enough job even without them

I redid the project in a better way I think : GitHub - Rafik-Sebia/2nd-take-on-Biodiversity-Project: 2nd take on the Biodiversity Portfolio Project

it’s not too different but I did what I couldn’t do the first time

Hello Coders!

Here is my biodiversity project! I included a short report written in LaTex. Please let me know what you think!



Hey, I really like your plots and the way you cleaned up the data. Your report format is very “academic” (I assume your background is in research), which is not a bad thing I guess. I would suggest that in the introduction, you could clarify what specific research question you are asking rather than just saying you are analysing the data in general. I think having specific questions makes it seem more purposeful. Otherwise, great effort and well done!

Dear Codecademy users,
After so mauch effort, I am glad to share with you my findings of the project related to biodiversity in National Parks. Please, do not hesitate to contact me for further comments and inputs! Thanks in advance for your collaboration.

Biodiversity in National Parks

Hi wonderful people, I hope everyone is well
below is my attempt for this project GitHub - Ahmedovic97/Biodiversity
I struggled at some parts of this project but there were some helpful people on discord who helped me…

Kindly find my version of this project in this GitHub link:


It has been the most difficult project in Data Science path so far, perhaps because I am not familiar with this topic, and there are so many species.

Hello lovely Codecademy humans,

Please find my EDA project where I deep dive into North American Birds of Prey.
The project was quite a lot of work.

I’m hoping to use some of the techniques I developed in this project to tackle the real world dataset on Kaggle which species_data.csv is a subset of.

I’m trying to find some collaborators. My biggest takeaway from this project was how much I wish I’d roadmapped it with discoveries, changes and tweaks along the way.

I hope I inspire you to tackle your own deep dive into the fascinating biodiversity in the World. (Well… in the U.S.A!)

Happy Coding!

I enjoyed reading your project. Thanks for sharing.
I liked the iterative plots particularly. It’s given me some ideas of things I’ve missed in mine.
I find it hard to know when to stop. I think I’ll stop now. (Still need a contents! :grimacing::see_no_evil:)

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