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This space for sharing and asking for help with projects that you are working on independently, outside of Codecademy’s curriculum.

  • If you’re looking for help with a specific project that is part of Codecademy, be sure to instead use the search bar for the name of the project to find other questions about it, first. You can also filter by tag in #project to find other people working on the same project.

  • When posting here, be sure to include a link to your project. Questions about how to do something that do not include your code are very difficult to answer!

Best of luck!


Yay! This is one category that was definitely needed.


Hi there!
i’m a beginner at coding and here is my first simple independent project within WebDev path on Codecademy. I would be happy to get any feedback on it from experts.


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Hey @serge2serge!
Huh, it doesn’t seem like that webpage exists(404 error)… are you sure it isn’t private?

I’ll be sure to take a look at it if you find out how to fix it!

Hi Steven,

I’m sorry, this project really has a private status. I will fix it in half an hour, so you could go on it.

Thanks for a feedback.


Hey Alyssa!
maybe you can help with my CSS animation code, I’m trying to make it disappear once the animation is finished, can you provide me with any advice?


can i find a list of all the personal personal projects somewhere?

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Also, similar to the FAQ thread, is everyone posting their project separately as a new thread/post, or there is a unified way to exchange peer reviews on our projects within a category? Thanks

Hey, i found it!
for everyone else looking for it:

I am having my first CodeCademy chapter 1st meetup for Ft Worth - CyberStores and working on the content of it. I have a couple things I want to go over such as what the chapter will do for CodeCademy and how it will run.

Any ideas from you guys will be greatly appreciated!

What will make you want to attend?

Good Journey to You and Yours!