About the Getting Started category


This is a dedicated section of the forums to help new users to orient themselves in Codecademy and Codecademy Discuss, learn the tools and rules for these forums, and get some extra resources to help them start their coding journey.

More info on this subcategory of the forums:

  • Read the resources sections here to find answers to the most frequently asked questions from new users

  • Many resources here are "wikified" - they can be edited by the community to be as useful as possible - but only senior users (Super Users and above) have the ability to edit

  • Think of this section of the forums as a tutorial level in a video game - it should show you the essentials of how to operate and behave in this world, but when you're ready you should move on to the main forums!

  • These resources and FAQs are focused on the specific needs of A) coders of all skill levels who are new users to the forums and B) specifically those new forum users who are also new to learning to code