About the Comparison in Beginning 13


Um, I don't seem to comprehend on what the practice wants me to do?
Can any of you explain it more- understandable? (Sorry I'm bad at this--)


Hey @thatonekidachikid!

Your just logging bollean values.

And it gives you these instructions you have to follow:

//After you run the code, you should see true 4 times, and false 2 times.
//By using `console.log` at the start of each line, 
//we are able to print 6 lines of output.

This is an example but try another one:

console.log(15 > 4);
console.log("Xiao Hui".length> 5);
console.log("Goody Donaldson".length> 5);
console.log(8*2> "hi".length);
console.log("hi".length> 6);




You are introduced to the
List of comparison operators:

 > Greater than
 < Less than
 <= Less than or equal to
 >= Greater than or equal to
 === Equal to
 !== Not equal to

An expression is any valid unit of code that resolves to a value.

In our case,
using the comparison-operators
the expression will return a Boolean Value
of either false or true
For instance:

the expression
5 > 3
would render to a Boolean true (as 5 is greater than 3 )

the expression
"my own string".length > 20
would render to a Boolean false

If you include an expression as an argument of the console.log() Method

console.log( 5 > 3 );

the Boolean result-Value will be displayed

Now follow the Instructions and change the provided code....