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Hello. I am not sure If this is a right place to ask this question, but anyway I’ll try. Where could I find the github repo for CodeCademy’s cheatsheets? Currently taking Front-End Engineer Career Path and I have noticed that in the HTML forms Cheatsheet page information about label and input are probably false as I could’t observe described behaviour in google chrome. Maybe this part needs updating??

Cheatsheet contains following information:

  • <label> Element
    The HTML <label> element provides identification for a specific <input> based on matching values of the <input>‘s id attribute and the <label>‘s for attribute. By default, clicking on the <label> will focus the field of the related <input>.

The example code will create a text input field with the label text “Password: “ next to it. Clicking on “Password: “ on the page will focus the field for the related <input>.*

<label for="password ">Password:</label>
<input type="text" id="password" name="password">

Trying this code snippet and after clicking on ‘Password’ nothing happens and input isn’t automatically focused.

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