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World Population II Challenge Project for Feedback

WORLD POPULATION Challenge Project for peer Feedback:

Hi, i have completed the swift challenge project “Make a Mixtape 101”
I would appreciate if you can give feedback :slight_smile:
This is my version of the “side A & B” part of the project. Not sure to post in the right place, sorry if not


This is regarding ‘’’ Coded Correspondence Project ‘’’ , Please elaborate how exactly the below code is working?

How offset of 10 is performed? : ‘’’ alphabet[(alphabet_value + 10) % 26]’’’ ??

alphabet = 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz'
msg = "xuo jxuhu! jxyi yi qd unqcfbu ev q squiqh syfxuh. muhu oek qrbu je tusetu yj? y xefu ie! iudt cu q cuiiqwu rqsa myjx jxu iqcu evviuj!" 
#msg = ' ? ,'
punctuation = "?'!., "
new_msg = ''

for letter in msg :
    if letter not in punctuation:
        alphabet_value = alphabet.find(letter)
        new_msg += alphabet[(alphabet_value + 10) % 26]
        new_msg += letter

Thanks in advance.


I’ve already finished the Number Guesser Challenge, but I’d like to do it again to try and find another way to do it. Where is that challenge available?


Hi, please add more challenges or projects with much fewer instructions to fully mastered what we just learned. Thank you