About the Beta Testers category


Welcome any and all interested in Beta Testing!

This is our dedicated Beta testing section of the forums, a place to exchange notes, give feedback and discuss our latest course beta tests. To see what courses or paths we are performing the finishing touches on, check out the beta catalog.

How this works:

When we are going to release a new course, we want to give it a few weeks to make it the best we can. For this, we’ve created the Beta catalog and this forum section to find out what you think of our content as it’s being released. Content is typically in the beta catalog for a few weeks before it’s moved to the full catalog and considered live.

To keep everything here manageable, you’ll see a dedicated topic for each ongoing beta. These topics will be locked shortly after the content goes live. In the topic for the course or path, you can freely discuss the content of it. You’ll also see the name of a Curriculum Developer or two who helped create the course, they’ll be very interested in your feedback and happy to answer questions you have.

How to provide feedback:

There are two primary ways to give us feedback; through the bug submission form and here on the forums. If you’ve noticed a typo, a piece of content that doesn’t work, or the solution code is wrong, then the bug submission form is the best place for this feedback. We’re checking this regularly and will be making updates as quickly as we can if any of this type of issue comes up. An article on how to submit a bug report is here, but you can find it under “get unstuck” and then “bugs”.

On the other hand, if you want to express how you feel about the content; such as your favorite parts, if something doesn’t make sense or is too difficult. Discussing that here in the forums is best as you can write longer and include pictures as needed. The developers can respond directly and ask follow-up questions if there are any. Please be sure to indicate what exercise, project, etc that you’ve found an issue with.

We of course thank you for any of this feedback you provide through either method. We aim to make the best courses we can and your insight is invaluable in that regard.