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I have been clicking links and get “not found” in emails. just FYI. I finally found it by searching forums.

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Dear All,

After 25 years of not coding (did it in high school in Turbo Pascal), I come to see if an old donkey can still learn new things and maybe have a career change!

Best of luck to all of you!!!


How’d the old donkey do?

I’m about to learn the most this month, ROFL .


I’m brand new
I want to learn How to Code
It’s a challenge to me
Best of luck to all of you!

See you at the finish line!


Sure. i will try my Best! :slight_smile:

#CoronaCoding :rofl:

Same to you as well man!

Thanks! 6 days in so far so good, definitely progressing well :smiley:

Greeting Scholars !!!
Just Today i had started 30 Days challenge with Code_Academy. Really excited and enthusiastic to keep that challenge.
If any one want to connect with me just follow the link below: