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I have been clicking links and get “not found” in emails. just FYI. I finally found it by searching forums.


Dear All,

After 25 years of not coding (did it in high school in Turbo Pascal), I come to see if an old donkey can still learn new things and maybe have a career change!

Best of luck to all of you!!!


How’d the old donkey do?


I’m about to learn the most this month, ROFL .


I’m brand new
I want to learn How to Code
It’s a challenge to me
Best of luck to all of you!


See you at the finish line!


Sure. i will try my Best! :slight_smile:

#CoronaCoding :rofl:


Same to you as well man!

Thanks! 6 days in so far so good, definitely progressing well :smiley:

Greeting Scholars !!!
Just Today i had started 30 Days challenge with Code_Academy. Really excited and enthusiastic to keep that challenge.
If any one want to connect with me just follow the link below:

You can do it if you want it badly
I know people how knows nothing about computer and after years they became programmers, but it takes some time to get there

Good luck for you

best of luck to everyone on their journey. I’m on day 2 and counting 30 days lets go

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Hi everyone! Corona brought me here to learn how to code!
any tips to avoid lack of motivation?

Greetings from Italy

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Hello from The Bahams! Corona also brought me here to learn how to code. Working hard to lean as much as I can and to complete the course to become a fullstack developer and data mining programmer one day. Loving everything so far.

@alberto_bucciante I find the best way to stay motivated is to work on self initiated projects as I work my way through each lesson. I hope this helps!


Thank you so much! I will follow your advice :slight_smile:
Best regardas

I have completed C++, HTML5 and now going for SQL, 27 days streak up to now.

The only problem is here that I am not getting any free C++ projects to practice here.
I wish codecademy gives me pro membership, that i can’t afford.
Anyways learning new things. But without review or practice i come back to where i started after few days.

Heh ! Its been truly challenging but I did my best.
Thanks so much