About some confusions in the explanations

Hi, I am working on pandas library of python in the following section :
I am very confused about this sentence:

We suspected that there might be different sales on different days of the week at different stores, so we performed a groupby across two different columns ( Location and Day of Week ).

this comparasion involve three variables sale, day and store. Usually it make sense to say comparison between two varible, different sales on different day or different sale at different stores, while keeping one variable the same. Let me make an analogy about this comparision: It is like hearing a unsolvable question: " Tom with leather jacket and Jack with a trench coat, who is more handsome? " (Usually we would ask, Tom with leather jacket or Tom with trench coat, which look nicer?)

Hm. Or, we’d ask, “is Tom more handsome in the leather jacket or trench coat? Vote!” Tom is the constant, the only thing that changes is the jacket, or the effect of the jacket, or, the number of people who think either or.

Person                 votes for leather jacket           votes for trench coat
Tom                         91                                       9

I see what you’re saying but I guess I interpret it differently:

(Overall) “what affects shoe sales? A different day of the week or a different store?”

You could also test your hypotheses that way as well: what variables affect (or don’t affect) sales? Does store have more of a significance or does day of the week? (or, is neither significant?)…is where this is all going further on in the module with the Shoefly project with A/B testing

I’m not sure if I made this better or worse. :slight_smile:

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