About programming after cource

Hello. My name is Farid. I already get swift cource for 76%. And want to ask about it ,because this information is not given anywhere. I want to make programs on IOS . My question is: are these courses enough for me to fully create programs like a Pro or i need something additional for this (except design).
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No, the Swift course will give you a basic working knowledge of the Swift language. In order to build apps for iOS, you will need to use either SwiftUI or UIKit on MacOS. Both use the Swift language, but you will need to learn those tools as well before you will be able to make native iOS apps.


Hey Farid!

I would love to add to this… Paul Hudson offers a great course on Swift called ’ 100 Days of Swift.’ It’s a challenge, and an expansion of what you learn in the Codecademy course, as well. Here is the link:

RE: the SwiftUI / UIKit on MacOS that @el_cocodrilo mentions, there are a few things you’ll need to start on that:

  • A Mac running the latest version of MacOS ( formerly known as OSX), which is Catalina -> ver 10.15.7 at this point.
  • after you have that first item, you will be able to install the latest version of Xcode, which allows you to develop iOS apps using the SwiftUI kit ( which is slowly replacing the UIKit)

If you are interested, Dr. Angela Yu offers a fantastic course on Udemy.com , which lists for $129.99, but you can find on sale for as low as $15.99. This course will take you on a deep dive into both the design aspect, & the development aspect ( Swift code).

I’m no Swift expert at all, but this is what I’ve learned so far in my study of Swift and how to get rolling with it.

Bon chance! Cheers,

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