About pro membership and certificates and names

Hi! I’m sorry about all of the questions, but i searched everything and couldn’t find the answers.

The first two questions are about pro membership: Where can i find when my pro membership is gonna end? I got this pro membership because of the covid situation and i’m using codecademy for a few weeks now. I want to know when my pro is gonna end. And when it ends, can i redo my completed courses, even if i don’t have pro anyome?

The second question is about certificates. Can i get certificates with the hours in it? In my university it’s a requirement and the auto-certificates codecademy generates don’t have it. At least i didn’t see it.

The third question is about my name here in the forum. Can i change it? i don’t wanna be called “devALotOfNumbers” lol.

Sorry if something is wrong, english isn’t my first language.

Thank you!


Hey Dev I’m a fellow pro member, so I can only anwser your questions based on what I know so far.

So to start with your first question about finding how long your membership should last you will basically want to log on to the main codecademy website. Then after that you will want to select your profile picture on the top right of the page. When you finish doing that it should take you to a page where it has your course certificate’s and your profile picture on the left with a edit button under it. You will then want to click the edit button and it should take you to a page with a manage payments section in it which you will want to click on. From there it should tell you how long your subscription should last for.

Now for the second question this one I can’t really answer since I haven’t completed any courses yet, but my guess is they may not have on since codecademy is aimed more towards people who go at there own speed. That is only my guess though.

As for your final question you can change your forum username by selecting your profile picture on the top right like you did on the main website. Then you will want to select your name that appears on the drop down menu and then select preferences. from there you should be able to change your name.

I hope this was at least able help you out somewhat.

best of luck with your coding ventures. :grin:


Hi there.

I think you’ll find this page, from the Help Center to be helpful?

No, is the short answer. If you elect not to renew your Pro membership, you will lose access to all Pro material regardless of whether you have previously completed it or not.

No, the time you spent on the course(s) is not presented on the certificate. This is because they’re not meant as certification in a “formal” sense like a certificate you might get after passing a proctored exam, for example.

Yes, this is entirely possible. You need to change your username from your Codecademy Profile, then log out of the forums and log back in. The change in username will take effect after you re-authenticate to the forums. (You only need to change it in one place, because the forums use the main site as an SSO provider.)

Hope that helps, but let us know if you have any more questions. :slight_smile:

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first, thank you! you were so helpful :slight_smile:
but i can’t find the purchases menu… when i click the link you gave me it goes to my dashboard. when i go to my account settings, i can’t find the purchases menu.


Hmm… I wonder if the Help Center link to check billing and renewals is old/broken…

@mattliv is this something that you can help with? :slight_smile:


Hi @rodrigoantas Matt here from the Codecademy CS team! Typically you should see a “Manage Payments” section in your account settings that would show you when your Codecademy subscription is renewing/ending. It looks like you might have gotten free access to Pro or have a scholarship from us, and you won’t see that section if you’re not paying. I’m happy to help look into this further for you and let you know when the subscription ends. If you write in to support by using the “contact us” button I’ll pick up the ticket and help you from there!

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thanks for pinging me @thepitycoder


ok! :slight_smile: thank you so much!