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I am learning the lessons and I understand very well at that moment. But after the passage of time, I forget as if I had never worked, and it becomes difficult for me to understand.(especially in Python) Does this happen to you too? Sometimes I want to beat myself up :weary: How do you think I should go about it?

Do you take notes and practice the concepts that you’re learning? That might help.

Check out these threads for some inspiration:




Practice and stick with it!


Hello @eceswn ,
Yes, it’s easy to forget after the lessons. I keep notes and remind yourself that you don’t need to memorize everything but you need to understand the concepts and terminology. When you encounter the situation again, you know what to search for. :star2:

I also find completing the projects helps reinforce the concepts.

Hope that helps.


Ah thank you so much :hugs:

you are right :slightly_smiling_face: thank you

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