About learning

I am learning the lessons and I understand very well at that moment. But after the passage of time, I forget as if I had never worked, and it becomes difficult for me to understand. Does this happen to you too? Sometimes I want to beat myself up :weary:

I have the same problem as you when I was starting out too.
The advice I would give is PRACTISE, PRACTISE, and PRACTISE.

  • Solve Codewars, LeetCode, or HackerRank problems.
  • Try helping out learners when you’re learning too.
  • Of course you can’t remember everything at once, for me I would go back and revise back what I have learned. I’m currently revising back my JavaScript.
  • Also I usually take notes physically when I am learning, I regret at first not taking notes just seeing Codecademy’s provided cheatsheet.
  • Try to also implement what you have learned on projects.

Thank you so much I will review what you said :hugs:

You’re welcome, to add on:

  • You can try to write blogs and share knowledge with others on what have you learned. For example, you can blog about →
  1. What is a list in Python?
  2. What is a function in Python?
  3. How do you do this project from scratch?

There are many sites you can blog on →

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Oh okay thanks again