About JavaScript Number type

const calculateWeight = (earthWeight, planet) => {
switch (planet) {
case ‘Mercury’:
return earthWeight * 0.378;
case ‘Venus’:
return earthWeight * 0.907;
case ‘Mars’:
return earthWeight * 0.377;
case ‘Jupiter’:
return earthWeight * 2.36;
case ‘Saturn’:
return earthWeight * 0.916;
return ‘Invalid Planet Entry. Try: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn.’
console.log(calculateWeight(100, '‘Saturn’));//91.60000000000001

In this lesson, I found that when I entered the calculation result of’Saturn’, I got 91.60000000000001 instead of 91.6. After reading the number-related information, I still didn’t figure it out. For example,When I counted about ”0.1“ I just need to remove the beginning. Is 0 to avoid calculation errors?

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This has to do with floating point arithmetic: