About Grids


Hey guys,

I got into grids today. My feeling is that Grid is an improved version of tables?



Tables when used as intended don’t need to be improved upon. They are for marking up data. Grid is a layout tool, not a table.


Thank you for your answer. I see. So you are saying that tables shouldn’t be used for layout but only for presenting data?


Given everything at our disposal for adaptive and responsive layouts it would no longer be a viable consideration to use tables in layout. Tables are quite rigid and contain more structure than a typical layout would require. As data containers they are ideally suited to that role. If it’s tabular data, then use a table.

Conversely, using grids or other layouts to present tabular data is semantically incorrect since each grid section is independent of the others and search engines would have a hard time indexing. Tables give scope to columns and rows and data is related to its neighboring elements, beside, above or below.


Very informative! Thank you!


FYI, this adaptation is a direct paste-in of markup and style rules from,

Table example

It only took a couple of tweaks to make ti work.