About free python3 course

I enrolled python3 course for free. i already completed 25% of the course. it was free when i enrolled. but now, i cannot access the course. it does not make sense.

yes, it was free for a while and i decided to take the course. but, why is it in pro mod right now? i already enrolled, why are you taking my right to access the course? :frowning:

if it is normal procedure in this web site, i will delete my account and do not suggest this platform anyone. it really does not make sense…

if anyone know details about this issue, please let me know all details.

I see this:

thanks in advance.

Hey @ahmeterturk welcome to the forums.

This “promo” ended on August 9th. 2 days ago as of writing this.


Hi there!

The promo for the free week of Python has ended, but if you need more time to finish, the 7 day free trial is a good option.

You can also take 50% off Codecademy Pro or Pro Lite for a year to regain access to Python (and hundreds of Pro courses and paths). 🎉

Here’s the promo code: BACKINTHEDAY.

Happy coding!

yes correct it was for a week but i noticed this promo on 8 august which is before 1 day ending of the promo. so that i did not have time like a week. i am sure that there are plenty of people just like me who enrolled the python3 course last 1-2 days.
thank you for your answer mariana. if it is possible, i would like to continue for learning python3 course otherwise i will delete my account. because still does not make sense.

thanks not-ethan. i knew it but i thought i can continue to learn from the course after ending promo. it was not a course promo, it was enrolling python3 course promo.