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I had Pro Membership last year and did Python 3 course to 100%, it helped me a lot in my university course.
Now I’m back to learn more, but I saw that Codecademy is now offering Certificates!!!
Can I get the Python Course’s Certificate? (And do I need a pro membership for that?)

Hello @ikusa!

Check the current status of your course completion. Click here, then go to the Syllabus tab, and check if your completion percentage is 100%. If the course is fully completed, you should receive a certificate and can access it by clicking on your profile picture, then “Profile”.

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As well as what @dr_victoria said, I think you do need PRO to get the certificate.

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It is showing 100% but I didn’t get the certificate :frowning:
Should I try to contact support?

if you can’t find it… yeah definitely shoot them an email. They’ll get back to you fairly fast!

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I completed the HTML in trail version of pro can i get certificate of it,can any one clear my doubt and where can i get it.

Yeah, I tought it till read this

Please note that you will only receive a certificate if you have completed all of the content in the course/Path, this includes lessons, projects, quizzes, articles, and videos.

I need Pro just for completing the entire course, and once done u get the certificate

I’ll try it then, thank you all!

I’m thinking maybe because you completed it before certificates were a thing, you didn’t get it then. And now you didn’t get awarded one retroactively? I bet support is the way to go. Good luck

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Hello @soldier09 and welcome to the Codecademy Forums!

Yes, if you have completed 100% of the course, you are eligible for a certificate. You can find your certificates by clicking on your profile picture and then on “Profile”. It can take up to 48 hours for a certificate to appear. If you are still unable to see your certificate after this time period, you can contact Codecademy Customer Support (@ikusa you can use this link as well if you’d like).


The Codecademy support helped me and now the certificate appears in my profile \o/
Thank you!!