About <br>

Hi! I have a question (sorry about my English!):
Is it discouraged to use < br> as a line break? I have read it in many places but I do not know if it has any foundation.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @yzunne, welcome to the forums! From what I’ve read, it is ok if you want to use it to break up text, if it is a poem, or the like:

<p>This is a poem<br>about HTML</p><!--In this situation, the break's
used to add a line break between two lines of a poem-and it's fine.-->

However, you shouldn’t use break to provide a margin or other visual element between two blocks of text. The mozilla docs article on <br> describes it quite well.


Thank you very much for the welcome and the information! I think now I understand. Let’s say that we must use it when spacing has a semantic application and not as a tool to use to separate blocks.
Thank you very much again.

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