About Backend

I have learned HTML and CSS (thanks to this wonderful site) so I can actually create web pages (very bad looking though). I’m going to learn javascript now and then maybe I’ll take the course about “deploying a website”. This is the confusing part for me, I want to become a web developer, I want to create everything from how the website would look to creating an app that would encrypt user’s password. But I know nothing about “Backend” I think I should learn Ruby as it is on this site, but there’s a lot of words that keep coming to my mind like PHP, bootstraps, WordPress etc (0 knowledge about this words). I really need to know what stuff should I learn to master the backend :frowning: What do you recommend for me? (Not sure about the category, sorry about that)

ruby followed by Ruby on Rails is possible.

PHP is also possible, wordpress is a CMS (content management system), which uses PHP

there are so many options in back-end languages, its difficult to grasps it all

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