About adding Certificate

I was trying to add one of my certificates to LinkedIn using the ‘add to profile’ button attached with the certificate. After clicking that button, I was navigated to LinkedIn’s Licenses and certification section to add my certificate. There I need a credential URL to directly link my certificate but Codecademy doesn’t provide that credential url. So in that case, what should I do?

N. B: I used my profiles url along with the id of the certificate but it needs to be logged in to see the certificate. I don’t know anyone outside of codecademy would be able to see that or not.

@thepitycoder can you help me?

Hi there.

If you clicked the “Add to LinkedIn Profile” button under the certificate, then the “Credential URL” should have been automatically filled. It looks something like https://www.codecademy.com/profiles/{username}/certificates/{guid}

On your main Codecademy profile, there is a setting at the bottom which looks like this:


If you’ve set your profile to be visible only to Codecademy Users, then yes anyone who wants to view the certificate must log in. If it’s set to “Everyone”, your completed courses (and thus the certificates) are visible to anyone without logging in.

Hope that helps.

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That is working. And about the credential URL: I was trying with my phone using firefox beta and don’t know why it didn’t work at that time.

@thepitycoder Thank you for helping me out.

No problem. :slight_smile:

Could have been because it was a mobile browser, could be a quirk with Firefox… not sure.

When I tried it with a desktop version of a Chromium-based browser, it all worked fine. :slight_smile: