About Absence of UNDO Comment at index.html Area

Hi! I’m a new user and here since 3 days and really feel satisfied already to get a little bite of this sea:) Working on index.html area, we have 2 choices after we apply the instructions. Apply &Run/Next or Back. If it’s done right , go to the next; if not try more or get help for solution. But there’s no way to go back step by step using an undo comment. If you ask Why may we need this? Sometimes I do the instructions and want to enter extra for excersize in the index.html. Later I want to cancel my extra work-but not the introductions I finished at the beginning.If an undo comment consists at index area, it would be really helpful.
Another issue that undo would be helpful is; maybe we may delete some lines by mistake or something like that. The only way to go on is go back to previous step and this means your last work will be gone.
I think to develop this is a kid game for such a great programme.

It is not a bad idea to add an undo button.
If you press undo what should it remove/undo ?

It feels like you want it to have the same functionality as when you press “ctrl+z”. If this is the case why not just use “ctrl-z”?

alt-ho it should be, this is almost never true XD

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In fact I used to use ctrl-z working on Autocad for years ,but I had never thought of it would work here too. Really thanks. With Your kind reply, you saved the software team from a huge load:)