hello my name is aboubaker tamessouct I want to join you, is it possible?

Hello @aboubakertamessouct :grinning:

Are you wanting to join Codecademy as a working member or are you referring to something else?
If so there are a couple different ways to be a part.

If you are wanting to join Codecadamy as an employee, I would recommend clicking on the “we’re hiring” link at the button of the home page. Though do know this is applying for a job.

If you are wanting to work as a member of the forums, I believe you will have to go through the process of gaining trust levels:

You can help out on the forums simply by answering questions when they are asked. Reading the community guidelines is a great place to start your journey.

Remember that getting an official place here will require time, commitment, paitence, and quality.
You may answer many questions, you must remember to be helpful to others.
Your quality of posts and topics will also matter.

Keep with it though and you can prove to be a very helpful member :grinning:

@alyssavigil if there are any positions or volunteer work that have not covered please add to this.