Abby - Portfolio Site

Hello, I’m Abby :).
This is my personal Portfolio Site that I have been working on the past 2 or 3 weeks. I wanted to push myself to create a portfolio site I was proud of and that I felt competed with others. I felt like this project was a moderate difficulty for me.

GitHub Link: GitHub - WAbby404/
GitHub Pages Link:

Some fun features:

  • An interactive nav bar makes the site feel smooth & clean
  • A Slideshow of images to show some aspects of my life & some of my personality
  • A demo of projects next to their descriptions (Currently only placeholders available)
  • Smooth Animations on hover, button press & more makes the site feel alive

There are a few things that are currently placeholders:

  • The photos & captions in the about section will eventually be replaced
  • Project photos/gif will be replaced with a demo of the project.
  • Resume & email Info are empty for privacy.
  • GitHub img links for each project will be updated in the future / will be replaced with links to the live project

Issues that I’m not sure about:

  • Have not added much accessibility yet
  • I feel like I could spend some more time cleaning up some of the code
  • I eventually want to add Animations & maybe some interactive Easter Eggs, stay tuned!

Hope you enjoy! :slight_smile:


Nice job with your website, I like the color palette and the nav effects. Overall design is really nice.

Hello @abbyycode !

Wonderful work! Keep going!

A good good beginning that gives me an idea “how to start” ! All designers; or everyone else has to start somewhere. Thanks for sharing.