Abbreviation task in JS



Hi everyone!
I have a task where I need to make an abbreviation out of a name that is called in a function.
Sorry if it difficult to understand, but the task is following:

Occasionally, one wants to use initials for parts of a name, rather than the full name. For example, the name “Chester Desmond” could be abbreviated to “C. Desmond” (note the initial and the full stop). In the text from Exercise 7 we would have to do so three times, and with even longer texts, it is desirable to have it done automatically, rather than doing it manually.

Hence, you must now write a function that abbreviates names automatically. Declare a function that has as its only argument a string and returns the text where the first three occurrences of “Chester Desmond” have been replaced by “C. Desmond”.

First think about the solution and then write it down in everyday language! Then program it.

Hint: Recall that you can use […] to find the symbol at an index in a string; and that you can use .indexOf() to find the index of a symbol or string in another string; that you can use .slice() to extract substrings of a string; and that you can use .length to find the length of a string.

Test your function by performing calls of it.

I’ve tried to make this function:

function abbreviate_name(name) {

var Chester = name.indexOf(‘Chester Desmond’)
var Chester2 = name[Chester];
var abbreviation = Chester2 + ‘.’

return abbreviation;


abbreviate_name(‘Chester Desmond’);

If I call the function it gives med ‘C.’ which is correct, but I am lost in how to do the Desmond part.
Anyone who can help? :slight_smile:

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Hi Frederik, would you please include the link to the exercise in question? That will make it a lot easier for your fellow learners to help out.


Hi oduffy
Thank you for your answer, I am not sure what you mean. The exercise itself is from my school, which was given in a pdf file. Are you thinking of a link to the console in Chrome?

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Hey Frederik, this is a forum for learning on, where there are thousands of exercises on learning things like JavaScript. Maybe someone on the forum will be happy to help you with your homework, but that’s not generally why people come here.



Please don’t hate me for spoiling your learning experience…

 > name = 'Chester Desmond'
<- "Chester Desmond"
 > a = name.indexOf(' ')
<- 7
 > name = `${name[0]}.${name.slice(a)}`
<- "C. Desmond"