A Welsh language pronunciation app built with React.js

Hi everyone,

I am really looking forward to getting some feedback on this Welsh pronunciation app that I have built using my React.js knowledge, which, admittedly, is very basic! I have only just started a couple of courses on codecademy, and I am loving it so far! You can access this app live at https://www.hiriaith.cymru, and you can check out the source at GitHub - fernandopabst/hir-iaith: this is my first "real" project built with React.js - I welcome any feedback as this is very much a steep learning curve for me..

I am particularly needing help with the fact that, although it runs perfectly for me on Chrome, quite a few people are having performance issues with it via Safari (and iPhones, even though it is not optimised for mobile). If anything stands out in the code which should make the performance sluggish, please do let me know as I am not too sure how to continue debugging it!

Thanks :slight_smile: