A understand Gap I can't quite make


I just completed the Introduction to JavaScript course. I found it accessible and practical. I was cruising along, taking lots of notes and feeling good about my retention and comprehension. Then I got to transpilation and requests. I found both of these practically inaccessible. Upon trying to use them, I felt at times as if I had missed sections within the course. In other words, there was this learning curve that became so sharp that I felt like I was missing chunks in my learning.

In both cases I was able to finish them, but more from rote and hints than true understanding and accomplishment. This was especially true in Requests II and the use of fetch(), promises, etc. It was to the point of frustration where I would be getting a step correct, and it would say: plus this Url into the box and click expand and you should see this in your console: and it just was not working. Like, I was able to complete the step and it gave me a check and unlocked the next step, but it wasn’t displaying what it said it SHOULD be displaying. Again, I finished the lesson, but with almost zero understanding.

I guess my question is: Were there materials, and external datebases I should have been researching before finishing those last couple of lessons? I understand that no one was going to become an expert in a couple of weeks, but I found the jump from understanding to being lost to be abrupt and frustrating.

Any recommendations about what to do next, to better my understanding of requests and the higher level concepts of JavaScript.
I’m dedicated to learning this, but frustrated by how I finished the course.


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