A tiny problem


i need help!!! i'm in the project 'A day at the supermarket' on 'keeping track of the produce'


and it shows me that error, can somebody help me please?


Please post your code so we can examine and test it. Thank you.


prices = {
'banana': 4,
'apple': 2,
'orange': 1.5,
'pear': 3

stock = {
'banana': 6,
'apple': 0,
'orange': 32,
'pear': 15

for key in prices:
print key
print 'prices: %s' % prices[key]
print 'stock: %s' % stock[key]


This lesson is a stickler for exactness. price.


OMG, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!, it was a very silly error...


You're welcome. Things like this happen a lot so be easy on yourself and add it to your check list for future... 'provided text'


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