A timeline of sorts

I noticed that I was able to link my google account to this account, and that I was able to schedule reminders to continue studying later.

It gave me the idea of having a timeline that saves the completion or sections of courses, or especially entire courses, to your google calendar or linkedin profile.

I really like this idea! I think it could serve as a really powerful motivator, and keep you energized to learn. Just seeing how far you’ve come, and all you’ve completed.

Furthermore, I think it would be awesome to use this “timeline” as a monthly or yearly recap. Something akin to the Spotify thing that everyone has been raving about.

“You’ve spent the most time learning… JavaScript! This month you spent 12 hours in the ‘Intro to JavaScript’ course, where most of your time was spent learning ‘Objects’. Here is some practice on that subject to strengthen your skill!”

And I also really like the idea of being able to add these skills and courses to LinkedIn, similar to what you can do with language proficiency in Duo lingo.


This is a very cool idea. @annajia.li for eyeballs :slight_smile:


Precisely! Also, if this feature could gather all the completion data and use your quiz scores and project time-to-completion to show where your weaknesses are so you can practice on those skills.


This is a brilliant idea :slight_smile: