A stupid question | Completing all CC courses will make me a web developer?

sorry for this question but i really want to know.
all courses in total is around 118 hours. if study 118 hours and learn all of them do I become a web developer?
and does this 118 hours cover everything a bootcamp would cover?

Nope. It’s best to take specific courses related to what you’d like to do. For example, if you want to focus on web development, that wouldn’t include the Learn Java course, but it would likely include the Learn JavaScript or Learn Ruby on Rails courses. And even after you’ve taken the courses, you won’t necessarily be a hireable developer instantly. Codecademy is largely intended to give people a base to build off of. Try building little projects outside of Codecademy as you go through the courses to help you learn it better, and possibly add to your portfolio :slight_smile:



First of all no question is stupid :smile:

Course time might say 2 hours or 3, but in reality that’s not possible.

There’s only a certain amount of knowledge a person can learn in a span of time, also you might be reading and learning about a certain function but that doesn’t mean you know it, also most of the time just doing a lesson is not sufficient reading up or watching video’s to learn more on that specific point/lesson/topic is needed.

In between doing lessons time should be taken out to practice what you have read, experiment with it, learn it and understand it.

Codecademy lesson’s are great but not sufficient, like many other courses and sites just doing that is not enough as here you are learning the basics and foundation or should I say the main part and then there’s smaller and deeper topics and much more to learn.

Learning is never ending !

Sure once you have completed HTML & CSS course you should be able to create a simple decent website.

Good luck :slight_smile:


The Peter Principle states that we rise to the level of our own incompetence. If we stop learning, we start the ceiling dropping. If we accept what we have learned as enough, we lower the ceiling some more. The sky is the limit only when we do not limit ourselves. Keep studying, practicing, questioning, experimenting if you do not to inadvertantly place limits upon yourself.


thank you so much for the answers.

I hate my current job and need to become a hireable developer asap. I have never done coding before and don’t really have IT background. Do you think them 3 months bootcamps could make me a hireable developer. Or should I start looking for another career option?

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Three months is not a lot of time to learn everything a professional has in their tool kit. Don’t quit your day job. Nobody is going to hire an inexperienced developer in today’s competitive environment. They are looking for bright up-and-comers who will fit into the line-up and be able to work on their own, and with a group without holding them back.

Talk to a web development firm and be honest with them so they are honest with you. Tell what your ambitions are, and get their advice on where to focus your energies so you lay a solid foundation. They may even offer you an internship if you show some early promise.

When I embarked on this hobby, there was not a lot to learn. HTML was evolving, CSS was just getting a wider acceptance, and JavaScript was in its infancy. One like me could drum up some pages and mount them on a web server and that was that. Today, that would be step 47, and a greenhorn like me (or perhaps you) needs to learn a whole lot of new stuff before we even get to the publishing part. You will need somewhere to get immersed in the work flow, the expectations and the pace. Internship might be the best early option so you get this critical work experience. Don’t expect anything to be quick and easy. Quite the opposite.


thank you for the reply and the advice:)