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Basically, for a school project, we are supposed to design a school system. it is supposed to ask for a password and ask for information (the username of a student and the name of that student). the code works but there is an error that i need to fix. i want it to ask for the username and then the name of the person. however, the code does it vice versa
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studentInfo = open(“Student Information Database.txt”,“w”)

studentInfoNeeded = [“username”,“name”]#the information needed

tries = 3#the amount of tries the Mr.Leeman can take to login
usernameSucceeded = False #i will make this true and break the while loop below as otherwise the loop won’t end when he logs in
passwordSucceeded = False #the password for the account

def loginCheck(usernameOrPassword,login):#a program to check if his login is correct
if login == usernameOrPassword:
return True
return False

success = False#to make sure that the imposter can’t access the student information

while tries >= 0 and usernameSucceeded == False and passwordSucceeded == False:#a login to check if his username and password is correct
asking = input(“what is your username?”)
username = loginCheck(asking,“Leeman123”)#to check his username

if username == True:
    passwordAsking = input("what is your password?")#to get the password
    passwordCheck = loginCheck(passwordAsking,"password123*")#to check the password
    usernameSucceeded = True#to help break the loop

    if passwordCheck == True:
        passwordSucceeded = True#to break the loop
        success = True#to let Mr.Leeman access the student information

        tries -= 1#to decrease the tries left
        print("please retry")

    print("please retry")
    tries -= 1

end = False#to break another while loop while Mr.Leeman doesn’t want to exit

studentReport = []#an empty 2D array
studentReportIndex = 0#to get to the other array in the 2D array after each student

while end == False and success == True:#the and is there so it would not carry on if he wanted to exit
choice = int(input(""“What would you like to do:
1-add a student
2-delete a student
3-change a student’s details
4-get a report
5-end”""))#the menu
if choice == 5:
end = True#to write everything to the file aafter he has finished

elif choice == 1:
    for i in range(0,len(studentInfoNeeded)):
        question = "What is the student's "+studentInfoNeeded[i-1]+" ?"#to ask this question later on
        answer = input(question)


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