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Working on this page:

I wanted to ask a question about this example:

SELECT name,
WHEN imdb_rating > 8 THEN ‘Fantastic’
WHEN imdb_rating > 6 THEN ‘Poorly Received’
ELSE ‘Avoid at All Costs’
FROM movies;

Why in this example doesn’t everything above 6-including everything above 8-all resolve to ‘Poorly Received’

I finished the exercise, just curious as to whether > happens to end at the next WHEN…or something like that.

Thanks! :v:t3:

Hi there.

It’s because SQL evaluates the CASE statement for each row by comparing the WHEN clauses in order and stops as soon as it finds a match.

So, if you have a row where imdb_rating is 9, SQL will match your first WHEN statement and return “Fantastic”. It doesn’t then re-evaluate the same row to check if it matches the second WHEN statement.

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Ah okay! That makes sense. Thanks! Good to know…

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