A Question Of Preference For My Fellow Veterans In Ordering CSS Properties

Hi Homies,

ok so just to start. I’m a developer and this is a query of preference for the experienced. Think of it more as a poll than anything. Now, there is no set in stone rule for this, but I wonder how other devs prefer to order their CSS properties in their stylesheet. So for example, some do it by the box model and some alphabetically.

Logically neither selection is right or wrong and our Dev brains would drive us towards the box-model approach. But from a readability perspective and skimming the code, a-z does have merit also. The benefit is going with the majority in my opinion, adopting the method that works best with others. Hence my question.

I’m interested in the feedback this generates, thanks for your time.

Why don’t you set up a poll instead?
It’s an option in the menu under the gear icon.