A question about certificate

Hi guys im Juan, im from Venezuela currently living in Ecuador, when i finish my day of work i love going to codeacademy to learn about everything you guys are awesome, i want to ask something, it is possible that when i finish a course, i can have some sort of certificate that says that i aprove that course?, if so… it is free? or i need to pay for that certificate.

I ask this because here in quito is dificult that a company let me have a job as a programmer, because even that i know something like Javascript i dont have a paper that says “Juan knows Javascript” (like a diploma or something), i could really apretiate if u guys can help me.

PD: Sorry for my bad english im still learning

Hi Juan,

Codecademy doesn’t currently offer any certificates. See here:

We do not issue certificates for finishing courses. Your progress is
recorded on your profile page, which you can share with employers,
teachers, and friends. Many users include a screenshot of their profiles
in their CVs as well.

Oh wow, thanks a lot for the reply, now i need to put in a creative way my profile so they can check it out hahaha, thanks again!

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you could also create a github account, build some projects (i build tic tac toe recently in js + html + css), and then upload that too github, then they can see how good your javascript is

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